Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Spring rolls, Mr Fix-it and Big Boy Undies

So at least one of the boys and I have been sick for the last 13 days. Having sick kids really stinks but having a sick Mom is even worse. We have been doing things to keep ourselves from going crazy. 

A number of weeks ago I finally organized all of the toys that had been sitting in our den. I put them in labeled tubs and put some away so that we could try rotating toys. J had his tools out and found that there was a new tool belt in his tool collection. Once we showed him what it was he put it on and went to work. His latest project is "fixing" this old printer we have around. What could be a better toddler toy than old electronics? :-) 

On Sunday we stayed home from church again due to colored snot nose goo! (I am sure you all wanted to know that!) Last week we tackled some Indian cuisine so this week we tried some Asian cuisine. Our meal consisted of a random assortment of fresh shrimp spring rolls, corn on the cob (J ate 2 whole ears), and miso soup. 

J loved dipping the wrappers in the water. We practiced counting to ten while doing this activity. It was good that I was there to help him count otherwise we would have had super soggy wrappers! 

Filling up the wrapper! 

Sampling some of the filling!

Yesterday as we were once again just hanging around home I asked J if I could try one of the 4T pairs of underwear on him. We had purchased a couple of new packs just to have on hand when his other pairs got too small. I had to explain to J that when he grew up a bit more he could wear the new plane and Thomas underwear. So once I put the new undies on and found that they fit J responded with something like,"Mom, I grow up. I a big boy." You know that you might be slightly emotionally and physically spent when you start to cry at the sight of your son in the next size of underwear!  Oh my little man, you are growing up and it is such a gift to be able to watch you grow and learn! 


During the summer our local library has a brown bag it lunch every Friday. It is a time to have a picnic in the library lawn and then they provide some sort of short program. Last Friday the fire department came and talked about fire safety and gave the kids the chance to get in a fire truck and ambulance. Whoa was Josiah excited!
This was us finishing up our peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Can you tell that J really enjoyed his sandwich as it is was all over his face. 

 M wasn't too thrilled about the whole experience but he remained relatively happy through the whole event which made it possible for us to stay for the whole program. Last time we came to one of these we drove and I didn't bring the stroller and so I had to carry M everywhere and he was not too happy with being held the whole time so this time we walked and M enjoyed the ride and being able to stretch in the stroller.

 Much to my surprise, J walked through the fire truck without me. This was him just after I lifted him out of the truck. He timidly enjoying himself.

J didn't want to sit in the driver's seat of the ambulance with the paramedic standing right there so we went around the back and J got in the back of the ambulance to explore. The paramedics that came for the program were getting ready to leave and J was still in the ambulance so I went in to get him and found him crawling up to the front seat. He was going to try and drive the ambulance on his own terms! Ha! The picture above is J right after asking for me to take his picture next to the ambulance. He was slowly backing up to get a bit closer. What a fun morning with my curious toddler! 

Monday, July 14, 2014

Fun with the Family!

I know that the above set of moving pictures is rather annoying to watch but it kind of gives you and idea of what J was like while we were out for sushi with A side of the family. J did not want to sit still and we forgot his cheater chopsticks so of course he wanted to use the real thing. I think they were used as a track for his tractor more than for food but I guess it kept him entertained! 

A, his brother and J having a good meal!

That same weekend Nana and J finished and filled a pinata that had been started a couple of months earlier. It was quite entertaining watching the kids and adults enjoy the fun! The weather was so humid that the pinata didn't really get hit apart but dented in and ripped a little. However it was enough to let out the colored puff balls, candy and simple toys!

Garage sale season has arrived!

When we moved a year ago I realized that in order to truly fit into this new community I had to host a garage sale. People around here are just generally crazy about their garage sales. I normally just donate items I don't need as I have heard that garage sales can be a lot of work (I probably should have listened to that advice.) But I decided to give one a try. I didn't have enough stuff to sell so I invited a number of friends to participate. The more the merrier! The garage sale itself turned out to be a huge amount of work but it was a great time to hang out with friends and sell a few items. I think if I calculated correctly I made, at the most, $3 an hour. Not bad for having a fun time!

I realized after I got off the phone that J had located my garage sale stickers. It was a good thing we were not selling this table as any potential buyer would have been really confused about the price. I think J put two sheets of price stickers all over the legs of the table! 

The infamous wrench and Toby hanging in my new garage sale find! 

J really wanted Toby to come and stay in the tent but as you can see Toby was not too thrilled about the idea once J got in! 

Foot Mobile

A and I realized last night that there is no reason to invest in an expensive mobile to entertain M. As we were waiting for M to fall asleep we had him on the ground and A put his foot over his face. M started laughing and giggling really hard. These pictures don't do this event justice but it will give a glimpse of the sheer joy experienced by all. The laughter of a child is such a special gift. 

The Finished Product!

Due to some technical difficulties or just technical illiteracy I had to finish my food post in a separate post.
Paratha rolled out ready to pan fry!

The finished bread. It tasted pretty good however the pre-made freezer version still tasted better and didn't take near as long! :-) 

A delicious lunch was had by all!

Four hours after starting my lunch adventure the food was eaten and the dishes cleaned up. I guess I could complain about how long it took however it was a fun morning and ended with great company and delicious food so totally worth the effort!

Adventures in Indian Food!

When stuck at home with a sick kid what better activity then trying some new cuisine! Yesterday Josiah and I made an attempt at an Indian meal. The line up: Chicken biryani, paratha, cooked kale, and rice. I found a recipe for homemade paratha so we gave it a try. It was rather time intensive but it kept J entertained. 
Getting ready to roll out the paratha (a layered, flaky flat bread.)
Painting a layer of oil!
Sprinkling with flour. J had a hard time with the sprinkling concept so the bread had a little more flour than needed.