Friday, May 27, 2016

This is real life!

 There are times in life where all you want is just a few quiet moments in the bathroom. Life as a mom does not usually allow for those moments. Recently my quiet moments have been interrupted by a small child asking to put his police outfit on. I guess I can either get angry that he walked into the bathroom or I can laugh at his innocence and cherish his love for simple, imaginative play.

Yeah, that is M trying to use a paper punch on the couch. :-) This is why you don't have anything nice with young children. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why did I think this was a good idea?

I have to confess that I have this strange obsession with garage sales. I get super excited about planning and implementing a garage sale. Then as I am preparing I remember how much work they are and yet I continue to have them. I have spent the last three days pricing, organizing, advertising and sitting outside with three kids. Was it worth it? So maybe not monetarily but the one thing I have realized about garage sales is that it is a great time to connect with neighbors and many others. Maybe that is truly my main draw to these crazy events. Time just hanging out in the beautiful spring weather, playing with kids and chatting with new and old friends. :-) 

My garage still looks about this full so I guess I will have to open again this weekend and enjoy some time outside connecting with others. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I think she has brothers!

The other day E fell asleep the other day in the most hilarious position. I think she must have brothers that pick on her as she is already sleeping in a self-defense position! 


Aaron and I decided it would be fun to get bikes for the boys. We were so excited we could barely contain ourselves. It is amazing how much joy giving to our children brings joy to us. It really is a strange feeling I had not thought much about.

We had the boys wait on the sidewalk while Aaron brought the bikes out of the garage.

J's bike has a bell so Aaron was ringing the bell from the garage. The boys thought this was fun as they had no idea what they were getting. 

They were pretty excited!

It will take some learning but the boys are excited about the adventures that await them! 

Game of Ping Pong Anyone?

A lot has taken place in our lives in the last seven months. One major change was the birth of our daughter in February. I realized that in the midst of being pregnant (and then adding a third child), taking care of two boys and many other activities my time for blogging was non-existent. The longer I have gone without writing the more I miss my few moments of writing down random thoughts and experiences. It is a fun outlet for me to reflect on life and all its ups and downs.

When people ask how we are doing my best explanation is life is like a game of ping pong. During the day it is three balls against one paddle. It is absolutely crazy but I wouldn't trade the smiles and laughter for anything!

My Day...

J had preschool this morning and we managed to leave on time (maybe even a few minutes early). That is a huge success with three kids, three and under. After dropping J off, the rest of us ran to get some groceries and stop for a few other household items. We made it to our first stop and E needed to eat. I tried feeding her but she wasn't interested. We did our shopping and came out. M had a stinky diaper so he got the back of the van diaper changing treatment. :-) I tried feeding E again as I knew we would get halfway to our next stop and she would be screaming. 

In the few minutes it took me to nurse, M had pooped his pants again. I took him once again to the trunk of the van only to realize that I had only packed one of his diapers and we were now out. So, I took off the rotting diaper and placed one of E's size one diapers on his only to realize they didn't really fit at all. (M normally wears a size five.) What to do except pack them up in the cart again and head back into the store, hoping to not see the same check out person as it took us two tries to get out of the store the first time due to a hiding package of juice boxes.

Once the new diapers were purchased, we traipsed back to the car and finished the dirty job.  We had successfully spent two hours at one of my three stops for the morning and it was now time to go get J at school. 

With three hungry kids in the car and a Mom who did not come prepared with a lunch we headed to a nearby play place and eatery. M feel asleep on the way to get J so at least he got a bit of a nap. Of course J had to go to the bathroom so we all went into the potty (with M in tears as he is terribly afraid of public restrooms due to the loud and unpredictable automatic flushing toilets.) We ate lunch together, E ate and then the boys played for a bit. 

We walked to the car and I looked at my watch and realized it was almost two o'clock. It has take us almost two hours just to eat lunch and that was even without me having to prepare the meal. 

The pictures that follow are the boys at Aldi (our second stop). Thanks to full stomach and plenty of play time they were actually excited to be grocery shopping.   

We made it home safely by a little before 4 pm. What did I learn today? When adventuring out of the house with three young children always bring a suitcase full of diapers, a bag full of snacks and drinks, and be prepared to get nothing accomplished but spending time with three smiling and joyful kids who teach me to stop worrying so much and just take life one moment at a time. 

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

New Fall Table Decoration!

As many of you know I am not a decorator by any means. I think I found a simple and inexpensive solution to decorating for the fall...

Ok, so maybe not! Guess I need to keep the chairs put up or keep a better watch on what M is doing!