Thursday, January 8, 2015

Why do you have your Aunt and Uncle on your head?

We have two maps in our house: a world map and a United States map. Our family lives all over the place so I have laminated pictures of them and we place their pictures on the map. We use this as a way to remember to pray for our family and as a way for J and M to stay connected with the family they don't see everyday. M is recently in to everything and I realized that the United States map is right at his level. Not brilliant planning on my part but what can I do since it was the only place it fit. 
 M was told numerous times to not pull the pictures off the map. I was getting rather frustrated but then about wet myself laughing when I turned around and found him with a picture of his Aunt and Uncle stuck to his head and him looking around really confused. I guess his object permanence is fully developed. J eventually went over and took the picture off and we all had a good laugh.  

J and M are starting to move into a stage where they can sort of "play" together. The other day they were working "together" to move a tub of clothes back and forth between the kitchen and living room. I had to keep reminding J to move a bit slower and not plow M over but they actually did a really great job and I think they had an awesome time. 

Watch out for the fridge!

It lasted a few minutes and then they were done but it sure was cute to watch!

Due to moving, trying to finish floors and just trying to learn to let my little ones grow up M just moved into his new room this week. He is still waking up one or two times a night but it is so nice to have our bedroom back. The picture below was the boys working on putting M's crib back together in his new room. J was really struggling with not being able to use his drill so A let him try his out. I think this is the kid that is going to need tools that actually work in order to prevent serious frustration and meltdowns. He got his own hammer for Christmas but the power tools make me a little nervous. :-) I think for now we will just let him try with his "tools" until he is a little bit older. :-)

Meal Time Chaos!

I'm sure the story is the same in most homes. When Mom goes to get a meal ready it is inevitable that the kids meltdown. I have always had a couple of spots in the kitchen that house kid safe toys (aka bowls, cups, plates, measuring spoons etc). Recently I also found that my collection of plastic cookie cutters were a great toy to add to the mix of kitchen toys. These pictures show what my cooking space looked like while trying to prevent meltdown and get a meal prepared in a timely manner. Let's just say I am learning how to work surrounded by chaos! 
Cookie cutters and a slippery floor make for great fun as they slide all over the place.

The salad spinner is a favorite kitchen tool of mine and I guess my boys love it just as much but for different reasons. :-) 

Thursday, January 1, 2015

The Tiny Tree

I love, love, love real Christmas trees. They also cost and arm and a leg so we tend to stick with our hand me down, over 30 year old, artificial tree. I am kind of scrooge when it comes to putting up the ugly and old tree. So, this year i found an advertisement for inexpensive trees and we decided to get one. As we were looking through the trees Aaron make the mistake of commenting on the one below and how it was a J size tree. So, guess what tree we went home with. Ha! It actually is very cute and J was super excited about the tree.

We didn't think this tree was quite big enough to handle all of our normal ornaments so we decided to make some special ornaments to put decorate it. J and I spent a morning making salt down and making the ornaments. 

He is still working on the concept of using the rolled out dough efficiently. I think we had to roll the dough out a bunch of times before we had them all cut out but at least he was having fun! 

After baking and cooling the ornaments we set about painting them with tempera paint and glitter glue. J found that mixing the paint on the plate was just as much fun as actually painting the ornaments. I think I ended up painting most of the ornaments. 

The glitter glue was a great idea however for some reason it turned to liquid after we had put it on the ornaments which meant that any design we tried to do just ran all over the place.

We ended up only putting two layers of ornaments at the top of the tree because we realized that the ornaments were a tasty treat enjoyed by Toby. I think throughout the month Toby ate five or six of them. Most of the them were at least painted and one even had the hanging ribbon on it. No serious repercussions for Toby put J was not too thrilled about having to protect his project from the jaws of Toby.


Special Memories with Nana

 In November Nana, Papa and Grandma came to visit us. Then we spent all of Thanksgiving at their house. There were a lot of special times together. These images just capture a few. J loves sitting with Nana and watching her bead or sew. Don't worry, he is very good at keeping his hands in his lap and just observing. Here Nana and J are putting the final touches on his car curtains. I will have to get a picture of the finished product. They turned out really cute.

During Thanksgiving Grandma bought a tie-dye cake mix for the the family to do together. Let's just say that it was a super fun idea but it didn't look at all the like picture on the box. You had to mix up the cake mix then separate out batter and color each one individually. Once that was done you layered those colors in a pan. The cake then stuck to the pan so it turned out to be a crumbly, colorful mess. At least it tasted good and it was a fun activity to do together which was Grandma's goal.

Playing Catch Up

The last couple of months have been a little nutty. I am going to do some quick posts about the last couple of months. This was just a funny group of pictures from the purchase of our robotic sweeper in November. Let's just say I am so blessed to have a sweeper that goes on its own. J calls this the street sweeper! :-) 

The box for our new sweeper!
Wait, this isn't what we ordered!

Ha! Hi J! Oh the simple joy of playing in a box!
J was more afraid of the new sweeper than our dog but he eventually warmed up to it.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Unexpected Blessings!

The last two weeks of our lives were filled with many unexpected emotions and trips due to the death of Aaron's Grandpa. In the midst of all the craziness we got to spend some time with my parents. These pictures show some of the memories that were created during our time together. 
Making oatmeal bread with Abi!

J really got excited about punching down the bread!

Feeding carrots to a very obnoxious ostrich!  

This baby camel and M are the same age! I am so glad M has not grown this much. He would have eaten us out of house and home! :-) 

This picture does not do this part of the zoo justice. There was a pen with a bunch of goats that had a slide to enter and a slide to exit. J was able to slide in and hang out with the goats and then slide out. He thought that was really cool! 
There is a walking area and then a wagon ride to take. When you get on the wagon they give you a big bucket of feed to give to the different animals. J sat on the bench the whole ride and refused to feed the animals so Grammie and I feed the animals for him. 

Not everyday you get to feed a zebra! 

Enjoying a few evening moments with Abi! 

Paper Boat Fun!

Today I decided to try making some paper boats to play with. I made two different styles thanks to how to videos online. :-) After using regular printer paper I realized that they would not hold up to water and of course we had to try the boats out. So I made another boat using wax paper hoping that would work.
J and M really enjoyed watching the boat float in the bathtub. Then I realized that we had some foam shapes that would make great cargo!

The cargo was a nice touch and didn't weigh the boat down too much. They even floated on top of the water without the boat. Before coming into the bathroom to float our boats I had warned J that is one of the paper boats got wet it would fall apart. See that boat sitting on the edge of the bathtub?

See the photo of J falling into the bathtub? Guess where that paper boat went?

Yep, you guessed it! J was trying to get some of the foam shapes out of the bathtub and fell in. He was in tears not only about the paper boat that fell in but about his shirt getting wet. We took the shirt off and made a new boat to replace the soggy one!

That pretty much ended our fun or at least until we realized that the wet foam shapes stuck to the edge of the bathtub. J really enjoyed jumping in the tub and playing. 

The remains of our boating fun! 

This is kind of a random tag along photo of what the house tends to look like after a night at home as a family. Nothing more fun than spending the evening in a giant "tent" in the living room. At one point Toby, Josiah, Aaron and Matthew we under this tent!