Wednesday, March 18, 2015

I didn't think I was squeamish!

Yesterday I took Toby to the vet. He has had a bump on his back since he was microchipped about four and a half years ago. The vet tech and vet thought it was really strange that Toby's body had created a cyst close to this microchip. I said leave it to us to have the dog with strange issues!

The vet decided that it was some sort of cyst and that he was going to try and drain off some liquid. So he rounded up some help and took Toby to the back. Thankfully because I'm not sure I could have handled seeing it drained right in front of me. Awhile later the tech came back in the room and asked if I had heard them all go, "WOAH!" in the back. She said it was quite the cyst and that it made their day.   I love all my nurse friends but that being said medical people are sometimes just strange and get the biggest kick out of the weirdest stuff!

They filled the empty, oozing cyst with lidocaine and antibiotic cream and brought Toby back to me. My job for the next week is giving Toby pain medicine every twelve hours, antibiotic every eight hours (this continues for 3 weeks), and trying to keep him from scratching it open or rubbing blood and oozing gross stuff all over our white carpet. Oh yeah, not to mention my normal kid and family duties!  Tell me again why we thought it was a good idea to get a dog? ;-)

When I got home J wanted to see Toby's sore. He also wanted to know if Toby got a sticker from the doctor. J loves going to the doctor because he gets stickers!

Never a dull moment! 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Belated Birthday!

In February M turned one! It is amazing how fast time flies especially when there is more than one little one running around. We celebrated with some friends and family at our train themed party. J had been asking to make a train cake after looking though a cake book soon after Christmas. So, M got a train cake for his birthday. 

I went to a party store and found some cute balloons to get. I am such a sucker for themed party items and decorations! :-) Thanks to my in-laws who made my decorating ideas come to life. I think my father-in-law spend a good hour taping paper streamers to my tablecloths and cutting out paper circles to make train car serving dishes. All of which were thrown out after dinner. He is such a good sport! :-)  When J turned one we had a farm theme so I found a pig and cow balloon of which he was terrified. M on the other hand has not been afraid of the his balloons. 

 We enjoyed a dinner with friends and family which included a good friend from church whose birthday was the day before the party. So in honor of her birthday we had pasta for dinner. M enjoyed opening his gifts and then playing with a few of the items. Then we moved on to the cake. My mother-in-law put the train cake together with the pieces I had cut out ready to put together. I made too many cakes so we ended up with double stacked cars. It was a train with a really full load!

 J was a little confused about this whole gathering. We had been talking about it but I think he thought the party was for him and not his brother!

I love those boys!

Both of the boys were sleeping when we put the cake together and decorated the house for the gathering. When J woke up it was hilarious watching his face. He was definitely taking it all in. When he walked into the kitchen and saw the cake he just starting walking slowly around the table and starring at the cake. 

I didn't get a great picture of him doing this but he was so engrossed in the cake that I could barely contain my laughter. He was so serious and very excited to see that the train cake we had talked about for so long had actually appeared. 

I have never made a train cake before and was following some instructions online. After I finished cutting the engine I was not really happy with the results. I thought it looked more like a truck than an engine but I had already used the rest of the cakes so I could not try again. The funny thing is that when J woke up and saw the cake he said something about the train and truck cake! He must be related to me because we saw the same thing!

 M wasn't too sure about the whole cake thing but he eventually ate most of the mini oreo cookies off the train and then was done. Our kids have been rather boring in the realm of cake smashing but I guess that make clean up a bit easier!

Interesting and random facts about M's first year of life...
-He has a sono done on a lump on his back around 6 weeks old. It turned out to be an infection and nothing more. Praise the Lord!
-He just slept through the night for more than two days in a row around his birthday.
-He began walking two weeks before his birthday.
-He throws major fits when he doesn't get his way. They include thrashing his whole body spread on the floor and his head pounding the ground.
-He is way smaller than his brother but much more physical. Already there have been numerous times when I have seen M pin J to the floor.
-He had four top teeth and three bottom teeth until just this week when two molars appeared.
-He loves his brother and smiles every time he hears J's voice!

This Week Calls for Donuts!

Monday started with a rather difficult evening with Josiah pushing every button known to mankind. When A came home from work he needed to change oil in his car. J loves to hang out with Dad and help work on the car. However after multiple warnings and chances I had to take away the privilege of helping Daddy. 

I am not sure there is anything harder than disciplining a child. I wanted so badly for Josiah to make the right choice and was heart broken when he didn't. As he stood by the garage door crying I began wonder if I had made the correct decision. It is amazing how painful it is to watch your child face the consequences of a bad decision.  

This week began with J still coughing and the rest of the family doing great. By mid-week M was running a fever and sick once again and then A got sick on Thursday. I think one or both of boys have been sick on and off for the last 3 months. It is just crazy! M didn't seem to be too bothered by his cough, fever and runny nose. 

He is getting so big and is starting to really enjoy trying to eat food with silverware. We are no where near proficiency level but at least he is trying. It does seem to create even more of a mess but I guess with kids you just have to embrace the mess!

This week has rather trying dealing with a sick infant, a sassy toddler and a sick husband. Oh yeah, I can't forget about the dog who gets into everything. This week he decided to try and eat an old piece of pizza from the trash that just happened to be covered in dirt (that included fiberglass insulation) from the sweeper. In order to spruce up our Saturday morning I decided to try a new baked donut recipe. I found a yummy maple glazed oatmeal donut recipe that was pretty delicious and actually somewhat healthy!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Oatmeal and Chicken

Yesterday J woke up before M so I pulled out his rice tub and we played together for a bit. About forty minutes later M woke up and wanted to join J in the rice. The boys are at a difficult stage where it is really hard for them to play together. In hopes of keeping the peace and being able to finish supper I pulled out the oatmeal tub to distract M. It worked to distract but not the son I was hoping. Both of the boys actually did really well playing for a bit until I looked over and saw J dumping oatmeal all over M's back. That ended the fun. 
I was smart enough to put a table cloth down before they started playing.

Mom stop taking pictures, can't you see I am playing!

I think Mom said try and keep the oatmeal in the tub but I saw J doing this so I thought I could too!
When the oatmeal went flying we put everything away and quickly cleaned up and swept the floor. Oatmeal manage to make its way into almost every room of the house by the time the fun was done! I think I might wait until spring to bring the oatmeal back out and maybe use it outside!

I was kind of excited about the dinner I made since I have never roasted a whole chicken before. I received an awesome convection toaster oven from my parents for Christmas and I have been baking all sorts of things in it. It has an awesome roast function so I decided to try a whole chicken.

It worked really great and we had a yummy meal of roasted chicken, carrots, onions, and sweet potatoes. I also had stuffing and roasted green beans. After supper I pulled all the meat off the bones so I could stew the bones for broth. I about died laughing as J had tons of questions all through dinner and especially after dinner about this chicken. He actually sat at the table and watched me pick all the meat off. He had so many questions including, "Where is the inside of the chicken?" and "Is there a baby in the middle?" I guess seeing a whole chicken is quite interested for an inquisitive two year old. I could not figure out the question about the baby when A pointed out that I had shown them a peeled orange that had a second small (or baby as I had called it) orange inside. We are pretty sure J was trying to connect that experience with this crazy bird sitting on the table! 

Step Ladder + J = ?

Due to illness we have been running three humidifiers in our house. In the evening they usually get switched to the bedrooms. We use a step stool as a table for J's humidifier. A couple of nights ago A went to go put the humidifier back in J's room and this is what he found. To J an unused step stool meant that the ceiling needed fixed. Which is exactly what he is working on in these photos! This was completely unprompted by us which made it absolutely hilarious! 
Drill? Check!

Ok I set that screw in place! Now on to the next fix!

It seems to me I need a nail that is a bit longer. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

The Many Faces of Sick Kids!

So today is sick day number 12 for our family. The boys have either had fevers, coughs or green noses keeping them pretty much quarantined to the house. These are a few images of life at our house on a normal sick day!  
Play time with Toby. M is pretty proud of snatching Toby's favorite toy!

J loves playing with his fire dog puppet from his Aunt and Uncle in Kansas City. It is super funny to watch the boys interact when I make the puppet talk. 

Playing ball in the basement. J was trying to get on top of the exercise ball. 

J eventually tried using the couch to try and get himself up on the ball but was rather unsuccessful. Yes, that is Toby on the treadmill. It has been a great way to allow him to get some exercise when it is cold and snowy out.  

A favorite play location is on the kitchen floor pulling our mixing bowls and strainers. M really enjoys putting things on his head and playing hide and seek. 

A pulled out a couple of boxes of toys from when he was little. He has a couple of metal tractors and a nice size box of little cars and a track. The boys have been enjoying playing with these special "daddy" toys as J calls them.

Is It Spring Yet?

This winter has been rather mild compared to last year. It has been nice to be able to go outside without instantly turning into a human icicle. However, that being said going outside with a two year old and an infant has been a bit difficult to master. We still have not successfully played in the snow as I have not been able to figure out how to deal with two little ones in the snow. I guess I have a good portion of winter left to figure that one out. 

Much of our days have been spent inside (especially the last 12 days since the whole family has some sort of crazy, never-ending, respiratory virus). J and Toby were looking longingly out the window and I could not resist snapping a photo of the two of them. I know they were both wondering where the warm weather has gone! 
Toby: "Does it look warm to you?"
J: "No sorry Toby there is still snow which means it winter. As soon as the snow melts it will be summer!"

Toby and J: "Squirrel!"

I honestly do not remember J much at the age of 12 months. I forgot how much this age is in to everything but not long enough to sit still. M seems to float from one activity to the next which makes play time with J very frustrating for the both of them. J wants to do his activities his way and M just wants to be doing what J does.

A and I finally caved to buying a TV after almost 8 years of marriage. It was a tough decision and I think it came down to the fact that I was proud to be a non-TV family just because it is so uncommon. I loved telling the cable company people to stop their speeches as we didn't even own a TV to watch it on. So I got over my pride issue and we decided it could be helpful to have a TV especially since we have not been able to host our own small group in our house since we were doing a DVD series.

That all to say that we had a couple of big boxes from our TV that became great toys. J and M were able to play together for a decent amount of time when I showed them how to use the boxes as a big car ramp and slide.  They have had a great time playing with a couple of boxes and their cars! It was fun to watch them laugh and play together for the short time it lasted!

M: "Did you see that car slide down? My brother is so much fun to watch!"