Friday, June 19, 2015

Happy Birthday J!

Our first born son turned three this week. We had a celebration with Indiana family last week and then spent some family time together on his actual birthday. J wanted us to recreate the exact train themed party we had done for M a couple of months before. I am not really sure where that came from but his biggest request was a train cake.

Grammie spent one whole evening making delicious homemade lemon pounds cakes for the train. She even sliced her fingers trying to bake a section of the cake in a tin can so we could have an engine that looked like an engine instead of a truck. (M's birthday train looked like a truck attached to train cars!)

Thanks to Grammie and Nana the train turned out great! J was thrilled when he saw it. He remembered that M was given the whole engine to eat so that was his request. 

If you can't tell he was super excited about the idea of getting the whole engine. I was not too thrilled about his eating an entire pound cake covered in frosting so we made sure to limit his intake. I think he ended up eating a bit of candy off the top and maybe one or two bites of the actual cake. 

We had a wonderful time celebrating with both sides of the family. His birthday meal was tator tots, dinosaur chicken nuggets (he ate eight of them), chips, pretzels, fruit, and salad. Nothing like processed food overload! We are so blessed to have a family that loves and cares for each other and enjoys spending time together. What a gift for us and our children!

I found a cool track!

I went into the living room the other day and found J playing on the piano. He was running from the living room to the den to collect enough cars to fill up the piano keys. It is so fun to watch his personality develop. He is definitely an introvert with an engineering mind. I think I hear the word "why" probably thirty times a day.

Daddy's home!

Life seems so simple through the eyes of toddlers. One favorite activity of both of our boys is greeting Daddy when he comes home and then playing inside his car. I don't totally understand this phenomenon but there is something that just draws them into this space and invites them to play and explore. I could resist capturing a few of these memories!

Sometime I feel like I'm being watched!

One of the recommendations when we were training J was to not allow any toys with the child while they are going potty. This led us to the rule that toys may come into the bathroom but have to sit while you sit. :-) 
Yesterday morning I went to the bathroom (which as a mom is a rare opportunity) and found myself face to face with J's new birthday Tonka truck. 

I am wondering if we need to rethink our toy and bathroom rule as this Tonka truck has now been left in the bathroom for almost an entire day. When I finally get a chance to run to the bathroom without little feet following behind the last thing I want is to stare at one of their toys the whole time! 

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Burger with an Egg

So a week ago I decided to grill some burgers. A really likes eggs on his burgers so I made him a couple. J saw Daddy's and decided that he wanted an egg as well. 

So they both got an egg and finished topping their burgers. J was really excited about a sandwich that was just like Daddy's. 

After the burgers were assembled J had to try and figure out how to eat the huge masterpiece. 

He decided that the best method was having Daddy feed it to him. I think A spent most of the meal feeding J his sandwich. I think both guys enjoyed their sandwiches!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Going To Work With Daddy!

On Saturday our family was able to go see Daddy's work. We spent the morning sitting in Daddy's desk, watching a tractor demonstration, and climbing on equipment. J talked all week about going to work with Daddy! He wanted to pack a lunch like Daddy and have Daddy drive us in his car. It was absolutely hilarious. 

M loved sitting at Daddy's desk (especially after he saw J doing it before him.) 

I am not sure what they are looking at but I think they are having fun!

Climbing on up, climbing on up! 

J was not so sure about all the big equipment. It took him a bit to warm up to the idea of getting out of the stroller to see the equipment but eventually he enjoyed some time checking out the equipment. 

One little scoop! Does J look a little nervous?

One big scoop! 

One of the coolest things was the huge building that was a giant sandbox they use for testing equipment. Both J and M thought this was the coolest thing ever!

We got to drive little cars. Both boys thought this was a blast. 

One of the activities for the day was making badges for the kids. The badges looked just like Dad's. Daddy put the badge on J and he walked around proudly. As he walking he kept looking down at the badge. He was one proud kid! 

Monday, April 27, 2015

Little Yet Big M

It is hard to believe that M is now 14 months old. It is crazy how fast time flies. As much as I said I would treat my kids equally M has not had as many pictures taken things documented. It is not that the second child is not loved but it all comes down to logistics and tired parents! (I feel somewhat justified in these observations since I am a second child. I used to tell my parents I was the poof of smoke in the corner! Ha, isn't that terrible but somewhat true for the above reasons.) 

So here are a few updates on M...

He loves getting into everything. I caught him climbing into the cupboard the other day and had to just laugh as I saw his cute rear end sticking out of the cupboard. He just walks around the house getting into things. I find it difficult to get anything done while he is awake. I sometimes refer to him as a little tornado! 

Whatever J is doing M wants to do as well. J was sitting at the table working with crayons and stickers so guess who wanted to participate. It didn't last real long but he was content because he got to be like J. 
M is trying to communicate with some words but he is also using some sign language which is so cool to watch. He signed car yesterday as we were watching an episode of Mighty Machines about trucks and cars.  

M loves his Daddy! When he hears the garage door open he comes running to the door saying, "Dada, Daddy, Dada" and can't wait until Daddy walks through the door. He loves to wrestle and be chased especially by Daddy who makes a noise like "doof, doof, doof" as he stomps through the house after him. We call Daddy the doofer! 

M loves, loves, loves cars! These are Daddy's micro-machines from when he was little. M has some of the coolest car noises I have yet to hear from a young child! :-) 

M loves to snuggles when in the right mood. If you are laying down he likes to come and just flop down on you. I think one of the most precious things as a parent is the touch of your child. There is something so special about the touch of someone who loves you. Just so cool! Thanks God for creating us to be relational!

M is teething and it is not very pleasant. He has four teeth on the top with one set of molars trying to come in and he has four teeth and two molars on the bottom. Each new tooth is painful and comes with a low grade fever and just general crankiness! I guess I would be cranky too so I can't get too upset with him. In the picture above he is chewing one of J's silicone coasters to try and get relief. 

M loves to try and do everything including feeding himself. Yesterday he ate almost an entire cup of yogurt by himself which was fun to watch. He was pretty excited that he got to use a spoon. J was trying to show him how to use it which was sort of successful. Let's just say that the whole event culminated in a nice warm bath! 

In the midst of the craziness of each day I am trying to remember to cherish the time I have with my little guys. This stage is so much work and yet full of joy and excitement as each child learns about their world in different ways. I pray that both M and J learn to love God and cherish each moment in life as a gift!