Monday, August 18, 2014

Who Knew?

This morning I was trying to get a few things cleaned around the house. I have had big case of paper towels sitting in the toy room for over a week waiting to be put away so I decided to get Josiah to help me. I showed him the spot in the closest to place them and he went to work while I finished sweeping the carpets. As I was finishing up I found him pulling the rolls from the closest and using them to build. Brilliant! The cardboard stacking blocks are ridiculously expensive and only serve one purpose. Paper towels stack and can also be used to for soaking and wiping purposes. J was having so much fun that he forgot to run to the bathroom. All of the pictures I took show proof of our accident. I am sure J will love these photos come high school graduation time! :-) 
We were listening to music and J wanted to drum so he set up a drum set. Again what could be a better toy than those wonderful paper towel rolls! J put together a 10 "drum" set and was thrilled with himself. I gave him a couple of wooden spoons to use as drum sticks. We cranked up the music and had a short jam session. These are the moments that I am learning to cherish. (Don't worry. Lunch time was followed up by an epic nap time meltdown so J is a normal two year old!)  
J was pretty thrilled with the new set up!

Drum, drum, drum!

M was generally thrilled with so much entertainment!

PS Those paper towels that have been out for a week or longer are still not put away. Oh well I guess they will be put away at some point. 

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Hold on Tight: Sleeping Is Quite the Ride!

I put M down for the night and went to get around for bed. When I came back this is what I found. He had a super tight grip on the side of the bassinet. I thought his hand and arm would probably fall asleep so I moved it but I could barely contain my laughter. I guess we all probably look pretty funny sleeping but this was great!

Sippy Cup Equals Freedom!

It has been a lot of fun with M now a part of our family. It is so interesting to watch J and M develop into their own little individuals. M continues to not take a bottle so I decided to try a sippy cup. I realized that if I every want to wean this kid that he needs to learn how to drink from some sort of non-mommy cup! I am fine exclusively nursing as I know it is just for a season but I really don't feel like nursing him through college. I feel like that would be socially unacceptable! :-) Ok, so it might also be nice to be able to get away for a night out. 

I would say we are making progress in the sippy cup training. He will take a couple of ounces of milk and even seems content doing it. This last time I gave him a cup he actually feed himself fairly well. So maybe this is an issue of he either wants to nurse (because he normally falls asleep) or he wants to be independent and feed himself which is quite a bit more difficult with a bottle than a sippy cup with handles. Hm...I think I might be on to something. 
Look at me I am feeding myself!

My eyes hate the flash on my Mom's phone. It scares me every time and then I look stupid in photos! :-) 

Deer in the headlights look! 

The Great Drive East

We spent about a week traveling to visit family in Ohio and it was a wonderful time. I was very nervous about traveling with two young kids. The trip ended up taking about 9 1/2 hours when it would have taken about 7 1/2 BC (that stands for "before children.") There are a number of things you learn to change when you have children and fast travel is one of those. Going we stopped three times and coming home we only stopped twice which I thought was just great. We are slowly learning that there is a method to the madness of stopping while traveling especially when you have a nursing baby and a potty training son. Whew!
Creating some magnets to help J be creative!

J played with this for about 45 minutes which I would say was a success!

I decided to put together a fun bag of books, puzzles, snacks, music and some really cool little video player things from the library as a way to help pass the time. I think my Mom called these our travel bags but I think I am going to call this the "Save Mom's Sanity bag." Gone are the days of riding quietly in the car. No, the one who doesn't drive has the high stakes and demanding job. One minor fail and the entire backseat could be screaming for a long time. Not good! :-) 

I put together some magnets with foam shapes and some puff balls. I thought maybe J would use these to create building or patterns but I was wrong. He used these to build "roads" and "garages" for his matchbox car. He was quite happy building and then sliding his car around on the cookie sheet! 

J decided recently that sleeping in the car is a waste of time so he maybe slept an hour going and and hour coming back. Thankfully M slept quite a bit more. J has a car seat that just is not very comfortable for traveling so I placed George and Charlie by his head to keep it from bouncing back and forth as he was sleeping.

We had a great trip and an awesome time with the Fath family. I will be posting pictures soon of our family photo shoot!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Ode to the Sprinkler

Walking, walking on our way.
We had to take a little stay.

What we saw ahead intrigued.
It was a sprinkler so wet and fast. (I couldn't figure out what rhymed with intrigued!)

Mom thought, "Let me walk my double stroller and dog right through."
This plan was not announced to my crew.

The sprinkler, sprinkled on us twice.
The whole bunch of them thought this was not nice!

Screams and tears and a freaked out dog
were what this poem is hoping to log!

Note to self and a little advice
next time warn the entourage or pay the price.

Cold sprinkler water might be better
when it is not time for a sweater!

The Food Adventures Begin

Last weekend M began the flavor journey of eating food (the verdict is still out as to whether or not baby oatmeal is considered palatable food). I was hoping it would make a difference in his sleep patterns however those have not changed since introducing food. Despite the impact in the realm of sleep it does make for some messy and entertaining photos. 
This is the best photo I had of the first feeding. M did seem to have the eating thing down pretty good for the first try. We will see how future eating sessions go. I tried to tell him to not get too excited about the oatmeal as there are far superior favors to experience but I don't think he really understood what I was saying! :-)
With M I have found it very difficult to get things done because he thinks he is in need of constant attention. I recently found that a tub of toys is a great way to engage his mind and developing motor skills. He can spend quite a bit of time trying to pull things out of the tub and then trying to get the items to his mouth. On this particular day he was exploring the "things that go" tub of toys. He seemed to be quite thrilled!

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Don't Make Me Chew on This!

Again today M has been chomping like he is working on some teeth. Nothing has popped through yet but I think they are on the way. In order to try and help him get some relief I stuck him in his swing and set a couple of pacifiers in front of him. Almost immediately he took them both, threw them off the tray, and started crying. All I have to say is your life would be a little more pleasant if you would just chew on the pacifier and maybe take a bottle. (Oh if you would just take a daytime nap longer than 20 minutes and sleep through the night that would be helpful as well!)