Thursday, June 23, 2016

Happy 4th Birthday J!

It is hard to believe that just a bit over four years ago our lives changed drastically. We had no clue what were doing. I remember getting home from the hospital, setting the carseat down on our kitchen table and thinking, "Now what?" Four years later I have experienced grief, pain, worry, laughter, and joy in ways I never imaged were possible and I know that this is just the beginning of our journey.  

J loves sesame balls (a fried tapioca flour pastry filled with bean paste) from our local Vietnamese restuarant. His birthday supper was carryout and he was super excited. That was the easiest meal I've every put on the table. :-)

I was looking for a simple yet fun birthday cake idea for J and this is what we decided to try. This turned out way cuter than I imaged. So grateful for our community of friends we have here. A friend came to hang out for the day and helped make this super cute cake!

J and M both figured out what this cake was supposed to represent. A precious year I tried making a train cake and the engine turned out looking like a truck which is exactly what the boys called it when they saw it sitting on the counter. Hee Hee I love brutal honesty. :-) 

I even found sparkler trick candles which fun but a little much for J to blow out. 

Thanks to having a sort of crazy life trying to raise three kids I was out shopping for J's birthday gift at 10 pm the night before his birthday. He loves legos so to go along with the camping theme I found a super cute van and camping trailer set along with a color changing car. I'm not sure which of the two gifts was the biggest hit. I will let you decide based on the following pictures! 

I think he would have spent all night dipping his car between hot and cold water. Note to all parents out there. Just buy the simple $5 toy and they will keep themselves entertained for hours! 
Happy birthday J! You are loved! 

Summer fun!

This isn't the greatest picture however I just wanted to remember a few things about summer.

We had spent all morning playing outside on a super hot day and in order to keep the house from getting too soggy we had a picnic on the kitchen floor. The boys thought this was a great idea. Toby did too. Thankfully Toby listened and stayed away from the plates of peanut butter sandwiches. (Those happen to be one of his favorites!)

What do you have to eat in the summer? Ice cream! 

This is M enjoying his ice cream all the way to the last drop. I am sure that this is not proper socially accepted behavoir for eating but I didn't have to heart to tell him to stop. He thought this was a very smart approach to solving the melted ice cream at the bottom of the bowl problem. :-) 

IT HAS STARTED! Our first child is officially playing a sport. Ok so it is summer T-ball and soccer  through the parks department and it is more like high schoolers herding cats for a half an hour but J loves it! I was not so excited about having to get shin guards, a baseball mitt and getting his name printed on his shirt but I know what little guy who is thrilled about playing some ball! 

There is joy in watching them learn.

J has officially given up napping which is such a sad time in the life of a mother of three young kids. That being said, we  are finding time for J to do some learning and exploring. 

We have this awesome set of blocks thanks to Grammie and Abi. It is a set of both curved and straight pieces. J figured out how to make this half circle tunel and he was absolutely thrilled. 

There is something so joyous in watching a child learn and explore the world around them. I often forget to slow down and just watch as my children grow and learn. 

"Yeah, duh Mom!" You need to chill our and just get yourself a red sports car. :-) 

Kansas City: Take 1

My mom, the three kids and I all treked out to Kansas City to visit my sister at the beginning of June. Let's just say it was quite the adventure. Our goal was to help my sister and her husband move from an apartment into a house. Did we help? Well maybe a bit but I think we succeeded in giving my sister a good idea that everyday life with three young children is not for the faint of heart!

This is what the car looked like coming and going. Oh, I guess M didn't have his finger in his nose all 12 of those hours but they were rather smooshed. 

So let's just say that trying to get three children to sleep well in a new place is rather difficult. Naps were a very important part of the day. On this particular day M decided to curl up in a cute little ball on the guest bed. 

Thanks to Grammie's bag of trick and treasures the boys did not spend too much time in front of the square babysitter (aka the TV). J is having a grand old time working on some old Discovery Toys puzzles and E is just intrigued with the sqare thing I am pointing at her. 

Welcome to home ownership! There are so many wonderful opportunities to work together. You either embrace these times or get really frustrated. :-) 

This is Elmer's glue gak that Grammie made. It saved our sanity on the trip both coming and going. At the last hour this sticky substance saved the day. We will not worry too much about the mess it made as most things can be washed. 

Friday, May 27, 2016

This is real life!

 There are times in life where all you want is just a few quiet moments in the bathroom. Life as a mom does not usually allow for those moments. Recently my quiet moments have been interrupted by a small child asking to put his police outfit on. I guess I can either get angry that he walked into the bathroom or I can laugh at his innocence and cherish his love for simple, imaginative play.

Yeah, that is M trying to use a paper punch on the couch. :-) This is why you don't have anything nice with young children. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Why did I think this was a good idea?

I have to confess that I have this strange obsession with garage sales. I get super excited about planning and implementing a garage sale. Then as I am preparing I remember how much work they are and yet I continue to have them. I have spent the last three days pricing, organizing, advertising and sitting outside with three kids. Was it worth it? So maybe not monetarily but the one thing I have realized about garage sales is that it is a great time to connect with neighbors and many others. Maybe that is truly my main draw to these crazy events. Time just hanging out in the beautiful spring weather, playing with kids and chatting with new and old friends. :-) 

My garage still looks about this full so I guess I will have to open again this weekend and enjoy some time outside connecting with others. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

I think she has brothers!

The other day E fell asleep the other day in the most hilarious position. I think she must have brothers that pick on her as she is already sleeping in a self-defense position!